What we’re learning and implementing in our continuously improving process, moving forward.

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Amazing Accomplishments

Hello, wonderful person! From a “boring personality” to meeting and getting to know an entire stranger’s family, inspiring stories just happened this past week that show our members’ progress and growth (I’ve started doing manual newsletters just because the automated ones had generic email subject lines like “Your YYYY-MM-DD updates”, which don’t really give you

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CNC events continuing, meeting Japanese people

Hello, wonderful person! I’ve been meeting way more people this week than I have in the past weeks! Updates One of our new Ugeddit members during our Deep Dive on Overcoming Procrastination opened up and shared so much about their life and our conversation even spilled over into our coaches office hours, where they said

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New events & outcomes

Hello, wonderful person! Since we have our first Communicator, even though they will need some guidance, this makes it easier for me to run events. I was looking at Discord’s own resources for building community on their platform (eg1, eg2), and their videos helped me remember important things like paying attention to what community members

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