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Master Your Social Skills

Learn ways to overcome anxiety, talk to people easier, and grow happy relationships

  • Learn how CNC (Core Needs Communication) works, why it works, and what you can do with it
  • Train, improve, and master your people skills, relationships, and confidence
  • Notice the positive differences you’ve been making in your own life and the lives of others

Access Tailored Resources

Discover content curated by our vetted Skill Masters that you know is legit

  • Learn how to use CNC (Core Needs Communication)
  • Explore content & videos about social skills, relationships, and mental health
  • See #wins, #appreciations, and more that others have shared that motivates and inspires you

Learn With Others

Chat with and have support from people who are on a similar journey with you

  • Talk with other members who also want to learn
  • Ask questions to, and practise with, members who have more experience
  • Improve faster by teaching newer members what you’ve learned

Share What Happens

Let people know you did something real

When you share that you put in effort to improve yourself, even if you didn’t get all that you wanted yet, you’ve started moving forward
And, when others see you putting in effort for yourself, they feel empowered to improve themselves, too

Become a Skill Master!

Help newer members learn the skills you gained

Once you can successfully use at least one skill consistently, then you can become a Skill Master and share your knowledge to uplift others
Skill Masters can become Teachers and get paid $ to help members learn & grow