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Ugeddit Skill Tree Outcomes 2023-01-15

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Get Answers!

Ask your most important question, and the community will be here to help

By asking, you’re showing people what you need so they can help. And when other members see that you asked, they can feel more comfortable asking, too!

See The Ways Forward

Learn from your chats, and realize your potential next steps

Helpful members (and even coaches) are happy to share resources, advice, perspective, or can even just be there to listen

Decide What To Do

Choose the specific action you believe will get you closer to what you want

Do something that can help you to overcome a challenge, and reach your goal, because action moves you forward

Do It!

Test it out, and pay attention to what happens!

Don’t fall into the trap of making a decision you know you want, but then never doing it. Instead, do it right away, then see what really happens
Once you start, your worries quickly vanish, and your goal gets closer

Share What Happens

Let people know you did something real

When you share that you put in effort to improve yourself, even if you didn’t get all that you wanted yet, you’ve started moving forward
And, when others see you putting in effort for yourself, they feel empowered to improve themselves, too

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Once you can successfully use at least one skill consistently, then you can become a Skill Master and share your knowledge to uplift others,
And if you want, you can even get paid a percentage of our subscriber income for your consistent, dedicated help.