What is Ugeddit?

Have you ever experienced a moment with someone, where you felt heard, completely understood, and connected?

If it was with your best friend, then this moment represents why you are friends

If it was with someone new, then this moment made it seem like you’ve known each other for years

This is the meaning of Ugeddit

What does Ugeddit do?

In order to spark a positive change, we are focusing on helping people do 3 main things:

Make difficult conversations easier

People often have concerns about

  • Others (or even themselves) doing things they don’t enjoy, or not doing things they would enjoy
  • Asking for what they want without upsetting someone or seeming greedy
  • Bringing up worrisome or risky topics comfortably and effectively

To help with all of these and more, we’ve designed a language to create comfort and understanding, and build connection and growth in every conversation and relationship.

It’s called CNC (Core Needs Communication).

Learn more about CNC | CNC for leadership

Build and grow happy relationships

Whether it’s the relationships between different particles in the universe, between different people in a relationship, workplace, or community, or even your relationship with yourself, how things and people interact with each other is what determines everything.

If you’re not completely happy with everything about your family, partner(s), business, community, or life in general, then this means your relationships with them, or with yourself, can be lifted and built up to create more comfort, happiness, excitement, and productivity for all of your relationships, including & especially the one you have with yourself.

Train critical thinking skills

Recognizing & understanding the difference between what is measured vs what is imagined or assumed is the key to learning more effectively, making life simpler, and getting more of what you want.

It’s easy to assume; the mind does it automatically, and it has evolved to do so, because assumptions, overall, have a beneficial purpose. But this benefit is not universal, and assumptions in other situations can limit one’s perspective to a very narrow tunnel, preventing them from realizing when they’re believing something that isn’t helpful.

One of the most limiting assumptions people often make is this: “What I am currently able to perceive, recall, or imagine is all that exists. If I cannot perceive, recall, or imagine something, it never happened or must not exist.”

Questioning assumptions like these allows people to start seeing more of the choices they have and paths they can explore to recognize & understand more and achieve goals faster.

How are we doing these?

Online Community

Learning resources, events for Q&A, practice, and AMAs, peer support


Talks, seminars, workshops, interactive programs, and more