New NVC Members!

Hello, wonderful person!

Here’s what’s new


  • We have about 3 new members from an NVC (Nonviolent Communication) community, and I (Sabian) have been getting to know them and introducing them to the server. NVC is one of the things that CNC (Core Needs Communication) is based on, so they understand it a bit more than most, and are already in the mindset of wanting to learn similar communication styles, too
  • Our last Deep Dive on Intentional Communication didn’t go as well as I would’ve wanted, but I did learn at least 2 ways I can improve how our events are described, introduced, and facilitated. One I’ll mention is including in the description and introducing at the beginning of the event what people are going to do during the event; seems simple, but if people don’t know what to expect, then they’re distracted by that confusion and unable to fully participate
  • One member let me know when they did not feel heard during my coaches office hours, and when I reviewed how I was communicating with them, I realized I was reacting more than I was listening, and I determined the reason I was doing this was for a couple reasons. One is I was just coming out of the Deep Dive event and did not fully switch my mental state into coaching mode. And two is I was very sleep-deprived, so my mental acuity was not the best, and I missed a few things in my self-awareness. So, I’ve adjusted my habits to correct both of these moving forward
  • I’ve reclarified my personal deliverables for Ugeddit’s goal. I realized I was trying to get “event hosts” for the sake of “facilitating events”, but didn’t have an extremely clear purpose for doing this. Now, I’ve specified my deliverables to be getting as many people learning each CNC skill level as possible, or more technically, increasing the number of successfully learned & tested CNC skills per person. Focusing on this will increase the rate at which people level up in CNC, thus increasing how quickly people level up to CNC lv3 who can then become Skill Teachers and take on subscribers as students, which will both increase the rate of CNC learning, and encourage more subscriptions, growing both the community and Ugeddit’s support

Next steps

  • Having at least 1 person test & successfully use at least 1 CNC skill, getting them closer to CNC lv3, and getting us closer to having our first Skill Teacher

How you can help

  • Join Ugeddit’s Discord!
  • If you know someone who’d appreciate the value Ugeddit can give them around improving their social & people skills, relationships, and confidence, then let them know and send them a link!

Bonus: a little fun

“I do everyday things every day”, is something I like to say

And I see everyone see every one of the trees in the sun, which is fun

But I once saw somebody see some body in the ground so muddy

And I thought “Any thing could mean anything, but every thing is not everything”, is it?

— Sabian Finogwar

Always moving forward