Events and learnings

Hello, wonderful person!

I’ve been a bit busy working through a distraction issue in my mind, but we’ve done some cool stuff this week


  • Our Open CNC Practice event was on Monday, and for some reason I don’t remember what happened in it (maybe because I haven’t been sleeping well this week), but I’m sure something happened 😀 or even if not, I’ll make sure something happens in the next one that people gain value from
  • Our Deep Dive on Friday about What Makes Conversations Fun actually ended up not being a “Deep Dive”, but more a hangout with our attendees… making a fun conversation 😀 haha
  • My coaches office hours, which was right after the deep dive, also started off being a hangout session, even with 3 people in the same room, then eventually one person shfited the conversation to asking for help with starting their business and targeting a specific market of clients. Or wait, maybe them and I talked about this on Saturday’s AMA event? I need to fix my sleep… or document our events summaries after they end so I can easily check them later when I write these updates
  • On Saturday, I hung out with our new martial arts group. I’m mentioning this here because one of Ugeddit’s members and I started this group together, and today we had 5 people attend in person, with a 6th person visiting, and as we practised Arnis (Kali) and discussed technical forms, a 7th guy was watching and approached us to share his own experience in Karate and other martial arts (he was a bit intense at first, but showed careful restraint when demonstrating, and he said what I believe is realistic advice when it comes to street fights, where he said priority 1 is de-escalating the situation through dialogue, 2 is escaping, and 3 is only fighting if you have no other safe choice). Good stuff
    • After the martial arts, 4 of us went to get pizza, and had a fun little hangout, then after this 2 of us, George and I, visited one of my new Japanese friends, Yusuke, who’s been in Canada a few months, at his workplace, and during his break, we chatted for a bit. While Yusuke was working, George and I talked about various things from understanding past social situation outcomes, to body language and how it influences people’s impressions and interpretations of you
    • All in all, it was a fun day talking, learning, and sharing with people who enjoy doing the same

Next steps

  • Training people in CNC (Core Needs Communication) to become Teachers!

How you can help

  • Who do you know who wants to improve their communication, social & people skills, and/or relationships? Tell them about us and that CNC can help them do it!

Always moving forward