New NVC member, Deep Dive about life

Hello, wonderful person!

We got some interesting stuff for you this week


  • One member joined us who’s from an NVC (Nonviolent Communication) community, which is the system that our CNC (Core Needs Communication) is largely based on, and I’m excited to find out if they’d want to become a Skill Master and then our first CNC Teacher for our subscribers
  • Our Deep Dive this week was about “What is Life?”, and members shared some interesting takes. Some of what people defined life as was “The struggle between organisms to overcome obstacles, conquer fears, reach goals, be happier, and cherish memories”. More highlights are shown in our server’s Deep Dives text chat channel if you want to see them
  • Another one of our members and I (Sabian), plus one new girl, spent time together in-person, practising martial arts, and talking about social situations they wanted to resolve, where they shared how they approached them and the outcomes that happened, and I shared some approaches using CNC that they could take, which was fun because they started to understand why the first outcomes happened, and also started seeing the ideal outcomes that can happen when they use CNC for their next interactions in these social situations

Next steps

  • I’ll be talking about potential Skill Master and Teacher roles with this new NVC member, as well as others who’ve been sharing their learning, testing, and adjustments of using CNC, so we can ignite the beginnings of our first social skills improvement powered revenue stream
  • I’ll be setting up CNC practise sessions by tomorrow (Monday the 8th), where people can drop in and practise specific CNC skills and techniques, and even bring up their current social situations as examples that they’re comfortable sharing, and having CNC-experienced people (Me plus people who have reached at least CNC lv1) to talk through them with for insights and next steps they can take, and next words they can say to people, to create a social and/or relationship outcome they’re happy with

How you can help

  • If you know someone who wants to improve their social skills or wants to help others improve their social skills, because if they want to join or become a Teacher, that could ignite a huge engine that makes a massive difference, so let them know about Ugeddit by sharing our website with them

Always moving forward