CNC (Core Needs Communication) Events

Hello, wonderful person!

We’ve started regular CNC Practice events, and updated some of our community roles & achievements!


  • Our new Open CNC Practice events are Mondays at 9am PST
    • Here’s the description for it: Want to practise certain CNC skills, ask questions, or improve a social situation? Here, you’ll have others doing the same alongside you, some with more experience you can learn from, and some with less you can guide.
    • Do you know anyone who’d want to participate? Let them know!
  • People can now earn “Summoner” achievements in the server for inviting others into the server, and where those new people have participated in meaningful ways. We don’t want empty invites or inactive members, but engaged, thoughtful, and interactive members who actively ask, learn, and share about CNC and other helpful things!
  • People can become “Emissary” roles to help grow Ugeddit’s connections by chatting with other communities and even influencers who seem to be aligned with Ugeddit’s purpose, and explore potential collaborations with them

Next steps

  • We’re working on building and stabilizing our CNC Practice events, so we’ll be getting feedback from attendees for how to improve them
  • We’re doing these events to make it easier for more people become Skill Masters and Teachers in CNC, where they can earn money to support others to improve their social skills, relationships, and more, helping both people improve their lives, and Ugeddit grow

How you can help

  • If you know anyone wanting to improve their social skills, solve disagreements, improve their relationships, or similar, then tell them about our CNC Practice events!
  • If you want to be a Community Role, then send us a message on Discord

Always moving forward