Deep Dive and In-Person Meet

Hello, wonderful person!

Although my focus has been on setting up a revenue stream for myself so I have time to monetize Ugeddit ethically and sustainably, some interesting things happened this week


  • Last week’s Deep Dive was about Friendship, and everyone who joined in got to learn and share about their definitions of “friendship” (what someone would do in order to consider them as a friend), and the things their friends have done for them or with them that they appreciate most
  • Saturday’s AMA was a casual fun chat that went slightly into the realms of goal-setting, habit-building, learning & memory, shifting to productively positive mindsets, and more
  • I (Sabian) personally spent time with a member in our community who also lives in Vancouver, BC
    • First, him and I practised some martial arts: Taekwondo kicks, Karate kicks, Boxing footwork, distancing, jabs, parries, and blocks, and Arnis footwork, distancing, and angles. A girl even approached us asking to be part of our group during some days, because she’s wanted to practise with people but didn’t know anyone. We exchanged numbers before she left 👍
    • Then him and I chatted about what I call “psychological martial arts” which is fun too, and I’d describe it as something like a combination of situational awareness, psychological awareness, conflict resolution, and social skills
    • Before we went home, we shared some things we learned, and what we enjoyed about spending time together. I think both of us realized how nice it can be to physically go out more, and spend a day meeting & chatting with new people
    • I forgot to take a photo together with him. Damn! But, we had fun either way

Next steps

  • Setting up regular CNC practice sessions (not necessarily “workshops”) as a regular live & interactive place for people to try out and ask questions about CNC as they’re learning

How you can help

  • If you know someone who might want to host events about improving social & people skills, then let them know about Ugeddit!

Always moving forward