Pleasantly unexpected

Hello, wonderful person!

Our AMA was massive: 3 hours! And something pleasantly unexpected happened—actually, two unexpected things…


  • Deep Dive: Forms of Art on Friday the 21st was engaging! We talked about things from drawing & painting, to creative writing, to music, movies & TV, and more
  • Our AMA on Saturday (Apr 22nd) morning was more of a chill hangout in our #chill-hangout-vc but that’s what made it so comfortable for everyone; even one member who hasn’t spoken in VCs for a long time felt so comfortable they started talking again after a long time! On top of this, another member who’s been with us for a while but has never spoken at all before decided to say hello for the very first time!

Next steps

  • We’re planning our next Deep Dive event with the community
  • I’m putting together a CNC course package for serious learners to get a complete flow and active guidance to learn CNC in a focused, dedicated way

How you can help

  • I’m looking for someone who enjoys engaging online to help with hosting mini Discord events, so if you know anyone, let them know about Ugeddit!
  • I would value help with brainstorming methods to monetize Ugeddit in an ethical way that creates value for our members; the CNC course is one idea I’m pursuing, and I’m open to others. If you know anyone who could help, I’d appreciate you sharing this with them to reach out

Always moving forward