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Our team: Pietro

Hey, everyone! We’d like to introduce Pietro, a very important member of our team! Pietro is a Developer professionally and a Philosophy bachelor’s student academically. When he joins new projects in his career, he analyzes the context and goals to choose the most suitable tools to specialize himself into developing the project as best he …

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We Took Your Advice!

You may remember your advice you gave us last time, and this how we’ve thought it about carefully “It’s not yet clear why you [the founder, personally] care about helping people…” Hey, it’s me, Sabian (the founder)! Thanks for reminding me to add my personal reason to our website’s front page, and you can also …

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FAQ Page is Live!

We’ve created an FAQ page on our website to answer your important questions. Check out our FAQs section to understand more deeply what we’re all about, and what values we follow.