Welcome Emails

We’ve set up our newsletter platform to automatically send welcome emails to new people who join our list, which we believe is an important part of letting our supporters, like you, know we recognize you and appreciate your help.

+30 Supporters!

We’ve been reaching out to find more people like you who align with and support our mission who haven’t found us yet! We’ve found 30 amazing supporters so far this month (14 within the past week!), and with your help, we will bring the world together faster and more sustainably!

Behaviour Analytics

We’ve started early talks with a new emotion-based behavioural analytics company specializing in human empathy and compassion, and we’re excited to explore how we can work together!

Developing Our App: Navigation Tabs

Even with our small and new team, we’ve just finished creating mobile UI tabs for navigating between screens! It’s not complete yet, but with the help of our team, and people like you introducing new people to us, we will create more, better, faster!

Our Team is Growing!

We’re currently speaking with project managers and developers who are interested in supporting our vision! If you know anyone who may be interested to help in various ways, let us know!

FAQ Page is Live!

We’ve created an FAQ page on our website to answer your important questions. Check out our FAQs section to understand more deeply what we’re all about, and what values we follow.