New events & outcomes

Hello, wonderful person! Since we have our first Communicator, even though they will need some guidance, this makes it easier for me to run events. I was looking at Discord’s own resources for building community on their platform (eg1, eg2), and their videos helped me remember important things like paying attention to what community members

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Testing Our Process

Hello, wonderful person! We’ve recently tested out an early version of our relationship-building or social skills tree, which is a collection of skills people can use to improve, build, and grow relationships, or just have great conversations! We’re potentially onboarding a couple voice chat event hosts soon who can support additional timeslots, and we’ll be

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Events are growing

Hello, wonderful person! We just had double the number of people attend this week’s voice chat event in our Discord! Last time was 3 people, and now we had 6! On top of that, since we’ve been getting more and more comfortable talking and interacting, 3 of us started showing our faces on video and

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