Less Reaction
More Intention
Ugeddit (you-GET-it)

Intentional communities helping you prevent conflict and be heard

negative arguing argument argue fight fighting rage conflict arrogant mad angry hostile toxic

Away From Negativity

Many social media companies encourage conflict to make profit

They were built to chat quickly, not helpfully, compounding toxic engagement over wellbeing, which has been spreading hate, insecurity, and depression

To Where People Get It

Join communities where people want to understand.

Have good conversations with people who are open, curious, and enjoy the things you like, even things you haven’t discovered yet…
kind nice friendly understanding empathy listen listening decent good fun get along support each other learn teach
community communities likeminded similar interest passion excited learn teach play experiment

With Communities You Love

Tap to visit a community, and start discovering!

Be with people who get your subtle references, want to have decent conversations, and enjoy learning new things

Where You Are Heard

More meaningful messages guided by intentions.

Share your intentions first, so people are more likely to take what you say in the right ways, and understand what you really mean.
intentions meaningful outcome want decent conversation conflict resolution solve prevent avoid
focused conversations talk chat about specific topic subject individual small group people friends

Focused Conversations

In-the-moment spaces to talk with just a few people about smaller topics

Easily chat about specific questions or subjects without the crowded spam of the general channels, and keep your messages organized better together.

Support Your Communities

Show your appreciation in ways that help create more of what you love.

Access hidden content, show off your special member badges, and support creators to make even more of what you enjoy.
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decide decision not greedy selfish money instead ethical moral honest authentic truth good benefit people uplift care want what's good

Where You Come First

Every business decision we make puts people like you first, before profit.

If we predict a decision may hurt people, we don’t force it on our users and monetize it. We find a better way.

How Can You Help?

Be a part of the movement helping people understand each other better online.

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